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Games Workshop - Middle Earth - Lord Of The Rings: Mordor Troll/Isengard Troll

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We will use anonymous information about the ad you saw and how you engaged with it to measure and improve our advertising campaigns in the future. Furthermore, the drum on the Isengard Troll isn't as great because not everyone in the Isengard list has the Isengard keyword - Saruman, Grima, all of the Uruk-Hai models, Sharku, and Isengard Trolls have it, but the Dunland models (with the exception of the Oathmaker and Wild Men if the Oathmaker is in the list) and Orc models don't have the right keyword, so like an Uruk-Hai Drummer, you can secure extra movement on some of your units, but not on all of them . Second (and still on the topic of Troll Chieftains), the cost of a Mordor Troll plus a cheap Hero of Fortitude in any Mordor list is likely to cost MORE than the cost of a Troll Chieftain. Finally, any time you invest in a big monster, there's a good chance that your opponent might grab his handy-dandy Heroic Defense caddy to run right up to the Troll and say, "I see your F7 and I raise you a wound-me-only-on-natural-6s". On the following turn, our massive base size will make it hard for the hero to get around us - and he'll be down at least 1 Might point when we start round two .

As great as the Mordor Troll's profile is (F7/S7/3 Attacks on offense, D7/3 Wounds on Defense - and Courage 4, which is pretty good for a monster), most Strike heroes can get above F7 reliably (or at least to F7), they can roll 3+ Attack dice (especially if there are multiple models that charged the Troll), and dealing 3 wounds to a trapped monster isn't that hard - and for some heroes, the trap isn't even necessary. All we ask is the product still be in its original packaging and you have your proof of purchase and we'll be happy to help. I'll do my best to convince you that they do, in fact, have a place next time - and until then, happy hobbying! One other advantage of spear-supporting is that your Fight Value doesn't get halved by a Ringbearer, so Isildur is far more concerned about a random Uruk with a Troll buddy behind him than he is if the Troll has a sword. Yes, these guys are the more-expensive, less-reliable cousins of Moria Goblin Captains - and the often overlooked blister-mates of the dreaded Moria Blackshield Shaman.

Next time, we're turning our attention to another much-despised model: the Moria Blackshield Captain. It's in times like these, that you really want the 2-Might-and-Strike of the Troll Chieftain (who has all the same stats as a Mordor Troll, except that he has 2 Might, 1 Will, 1 Fate, Defense 8, and Heroic Strike/Strength - all of which are/can be incredibly useful). While I don't think this is as good as Bashing, it's still valuable (especially if your foe has a good Fight Value, like Gil-Galad or Treebeard). If the hero is S4 and has no bonuses To Wound (which is surprisingly common - especially if you don't believe in using your hand-and-a-half weapon two-handed unless you have a rule that removes the dueling penalty), even a hero who Strikes up and wins a duel is only going to wound the Troll on 6s .

Most opponents will look at this model and say, "Eh, I should deal with first, then I'll get to the Troll. While we already mentioned at S4 heroes with no bonuses To Wound are likely to bounce off our Mordor Trolls without dealing much damage to them, D7 is also the gold standard for anti-archery - S3-4 bows will wound on 6s and S2 bows will wound on a 6/4+ (or 5/3+ if night conditions are in play). This usually means that, given the choice between using archery to bring down your Troll before you engage or bringing down D3-6 Orcs, your opponent is likely to avoid shooting the Trolls down and instead seek to even the numbers out.

he Trolls of Mordor have been bred by Sauron so that they can withstand the light of the sun without turning to stone like other Trolls. The Trolls of Mordor have been bred by Sauron so that they can withstand the light of the sun without turning to stone like other trolls. There are a wealth of reasons why these models are discouraged from competitive play and today, we begin the year with the impossible task of trying to provide a counter-perspective to . This critique is pretty condemning if you ask me - and for a long time, these were the reasons I avoided Mordor Trolls.

they just can't charge at all (instead of only being prohibited from charging if they move after the March hero).Getting Started (9) Goblin-Town (5) Goblins (73) Gondor (36) Gondor At War (13) Guest Post (3) Gundabad (8) Harad (23) Heroes (68) Heroic Actions (28) Heroic Strike (9) High Elves (40) Hobbying (4) Homebrew Factions (9) In Defense Of (39) Informative (508) Iron Hills (8) Isengard (121) Khand (4) Khazad-Dum (8) Lake-Town (10) Last Month on TMAT. If you're expecting me to say that every Mordor, Barad-Dur, and Isengard list should take at least one Mordor/Isengard Troll, you're going to be deeply disappointed. If these kinds of models are smashing a Mordor Troll instead of the heroes you brought along, you're kind of okay with that, I think . At 700pts, it's certainly possible to spam a lot of guys (a mix of Orc Warriors and Morannon Orcs, probably - along with lots of 50-80pt heroes), but the double catapults does a few things for you. This is "potentially" a problem, but only if you want cheaper Dunland/Orc models in your list instead of running pure Uruk-Hai - then it's not a problem.

bases are pretty common for big monsters in MESBG (my beloved Balrog has one, as do Ents, Eagles, Shelob, Gulavhar, the Spider Queen, and Mordor Trolls/Chieftains), but with 6" movement AND a large base size, the typical situation a Mordor Troll will find himself in is that he will a) move towards the enemy line very predictably, b) charge or be charged, and c) be stuck in that general area for the rest of the game. Perhaps this is why I've seen Isengard Trolls recommended by at least one person on Facebook at low points levels in an Assault Upon Helm's Deep list - it's an interesting idea, since the Helm's Deep list usually relies on siege engines to deal with big heroes . which won't do anything for those Black Numenoreans, Trolls, Mordor Uruk-Hai, or Ringwraiths in your army. All of these thoughts apply to Mordor Trolls however you field them - now let's turn to the two more specialized cases of Mordor Trolls. Our first stop is a "Tiberius Special" for Mordor - a list that fields a ton of units that I love (some of which people think are garbage from a competitive standpoint).The critiques we've leveled against them are all true - and in certain list builds, I will happily admit these guys are just not going to do enough for you. Even bigger and stronger than their subterranean kin, these monsters are amongst the most lethal troops in the armies of the Dark Lord.

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