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Real Size Wall Sticker Dragon Ball Super Goku Black and White Official Product | 62 x 150 cm | Vinyl for Walls | Original Product | Vinyl Sticker | Mural | Home Decoration | DBS

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Despite his newfound power, Zamasu needed to find a reality without a God of Destruction, still fearing their intrusion into his plans. With that being said, Zamasu began travelling to various parallel realities in search of someone with the ideal settings so he could act initially unnoticed. Eventually, he found one in Future Trunks' reality where the final Supreme Kai of Universe 7, Shin, was killed in a battle to defeat Babidi and Dabura, thereby killing Future Beerus due to the life-link. [11] He also met his counterpart from that timeline, Future Zamasu, immediately allying with him shortly after killing Future Gowasu. The two then gathered the Super Dragon Balls and first wished for Future Zamasu to become immortal. They then travelled another year into the future to wish for the Super Dragon Balls to destroy themselves and stealthily annihilated all the Supreme Kais of that reality (which thereby killed the other Gods of Destruction) to leave their path of destruction unchallenged. [12] iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, 2017 iPad, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, 9.7" iPad Pro: 2048x1536, 1536x2048 The Mutant Tuffle and the tyrannical Kai ultimately become the very thing they hated in their quest to vanquish the respective races they despised. Azure Dragon Sword Model Energy Blade - An improved Violent Fierce God Slicer gained through powering up from being damaged by an enraged Goku in the anime.

Very well, no more games or half-measures. Because these insolent mortals continue to defy and profane us, we will reveal to them the ultimate power of the gods." Before acting on his dark impulses, as Zamasu, he was a calm and patient individual, willing to listen to his teacher's words. However, he long harbored an utter hatred for mortals, perceiving them as a blasphemy and the gods' greatest mistake. He came to hate the gods for not doing anything about their "mistake". After giving in to his desires, Zamasu mercilessly killed his former master as his first step down a dark path. Despite his cruel, aggressive, and certainly unsympathetic actions, even to his own kind, Zamasu feels perfectly vindicated, truly seeing no evil in his actions. He scoured several timelines for proof that mortals are a corruption of existence that prevents it from becoming a true paradise. Zamasu was originally the North Kai of Universe 10. [7] However, due to his prodigious fighting skill, he was selected to become a Supreme Kai-in-training under one of the current Supreme Kai, Gowasu. [8] With his continuous distrust of mortals and growing dismay of the Kais' passive and indirect influence of the universe's development, he ultimately rejected his teachings and went rogue, developing his Project Zero Mortals. To which, his ultimate goal became to annihilate all mortals and gods in a specific timeline, then build up from there, to purge all mortals and gods from all of existence with it, making the multiverse - in his perspective - a "beautiful utopia", rid of the mortals who ruin it and the gods who do nothing to stop them. Requiring a Time Ring for his plans, Zamasu killed Gowasu and took his Potara to become a Supreme Kai, so he could wield the Time Ring. [9]

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MacBook Pro 13.3" Retina, MacBook Air 13" Retina, MacBook Air 13.3"(2020, M1): 2560x1600 Dual monitor: Alteration-type ki manipulation technique - A special ability used to extend his God Split Cut into various shapes as well as to change its properties. Only seen used in his Super Saiyan Rosé state. For the next part of his plan, in the anime learning of Goku's might surpassing even that of the Supreme Kais, Zamasu went into the future with a Time Ring, gathered the Super Dragon Balls and wished to switch bodies with Goku. Upon his wish being granted, he decided to erase all personal ties to Goku's past by killing Goku and his family, [9] and took the name of Son Goku for himself. [4] In the manga, Zamasu swapped bodies with Monaka - the victor of the Tournament of Destroyers, however upon realizing that Monaka was, in fact, weak, he swapped bodies with Goku instead. [10] Invisible Eye Blast – The ability to shoot an invisible blast of ki out of his eyes. Used against Future Mai in the manga. It's about time Saiyan. You've been running around making messes for too long and now I'm going to choke the life from you. I can't wait to watch you die."

Thanks for the concern, but I got all the power I need. This new level will make me the ultimate sword for justice, and when your sword is mighty enough, you don't need a shield. Just wait, I'm going to become even stronger. Heh. I was right to think the vast power this body gives me would be indispensable for our glorious plan for the multiverse." Spirit Control - An advanced Ki manipulation technique that allows its user to achieve a multitude of potent abilities through their ki. Both used the new Dragon Balls introduced in their series to further their grand plans for the universe.

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SEAN SCHEMMEL INTERVIEW PART 2 of 2: LIFE AS GOKU, Career Retrospective, Debunking Myths, + more. youtube (December 24, 2018).

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