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Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Caspian Circular Knitting Needle Set

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Thank you Norman for your lovely blog. I was just trying to refresh my memory of an I-cord cast off and I found all this fabulousness just there for the asking 🙂 There’s nothing worse than your knitting needles coming undone while you are knitting. In all fairness, I do have to say that addi owns that field. Both my ChiaoGoo, HiyaHiya, and my Knitter’s Pride cables have come undone in the past. Usually, I noticed it before the point of no return because stitches have gotten caught in the gap. Still, there’s no denying how annoying that is, especially as it’s hard to rescue this situation mid-row. I blame it on the fact that these systems make it very hard to really screw it tight. This means knitting feels a bit harder and slower, but in reality, it somehow isn’t (I recorded a video of me knitting with all 4 brands and counted the stitches I could knit in 20 secs). Still, the sharp tips mean you are more likely to split the yarn if you are going fast. That being said, I feel HiyaHiya is a tiny bit smoother and easier to knit than ChiaoGoo. On a more critical note: The fact that Knitter’s Pride doesn’t include any cable extenders is pretty weak. Addi has at least one, but it’s fairly largeish and I’m not the biggest fan. ChiaoGoo, on the other hand, only included two screwing pins – these things are tiny and do get lost …like…a lot. And personally, I feel the HiyaHiya sets are not exactly gender-neutral. Not everyone likes pandas (whaaat? :P) and cases in reds and purples. Also, my small set didn’t have cable stoppers and only one screwing pin. I felt that was pretty weak. A glance at the two different cable sizes by ChiaoGoo

Interchangeable knitting needles can only be engineered down to a size US 4 (3.5mm), so you’ll need to go with fixed circulars for those teeny tiny projects. With the magic loop technique, you are also set for most circular projects with a very small diameter. Typically 9 needles from US 4 (3.5mm) to US 16 (8.00mm), 4 cables, 8 cable stoppers, 4 cable keys, usually a very simple plastic sleeve, though deluxe editions are available (note: mine has only 8). ChiaoGoo The contents of my large ChiaoGoo 5″ lace setI also like being able to switch to their Cubics tips when I need to. I’ve had both carpal-tunnel and tendonitis problems in the past. I know now as soon as symptoms appear to start doing appropriate exercises again and switch to Cubics until pain and discomfort are gone. Reply Some knitters, like me, are hyper-sensitive. Knitting produces sounds, and those largely depend on the needles you are using. I am sure you have considered buying an interchangeable knitting needle set. Maybe you already own one. It’s certainly one of the most important knitting tools and the advantages are many: Instead of buying a new pair of needles for every new project, you can use the very same set every time and adjust the needle size and cord length according to your preferences and the requirements of the pattern. One needle set may give you up to 500 different combinations.

Looking for a set with multiple options? Have a look here How Are They Different From Circular Needles? Addi only provides a largish cable extender instead you can use it as a makeshift stopper as well. So, actually, that is kind of smart, though the extender is a bit too long to use for actual cable extending in my opinion. ( Note: Cable extenders for Knitter’s Pride and ChiaoGoo can be bought separately but are usually not part of the small sets.) It’s a bit harder to capture knitting ease, and I’m afraid my assessment is not entirely objective. I was a bit hesitant to include a paragraph, but then I figured my readers will be smart enough to take my verdict with a grain of salt. You also get the most cables in the ChiaoGoo set, while addi sadly only adds 3 cables. So, if you have a lot of different works in progress, you might have to buy some spares. The coating of the Knitter’s Pride needles tends to change color over time. I felt like mentioning it, even though I doubt it matters. Knitting ease

HiyaHiya has by far the sharpest points of the lot. So, as a pure lace needle, this would probably be my favorite. If you push on your needle tips a lot, then be aware that HiyaHiya will be a poor choice. These needles hurt quite a bit when you do that (there are simple ways to move stitches forward without pushing the tips). What does happen, however, is that the cable snaps out of the hull. This never happened to me, but I found reports online for all major brands. The Boxing & Content But let’s take a closer look at the two most important factors: How smooth is the join From left to right: Knitter’s Pride, HiyaHiya, ChiaoGoo, addi

HiyaHiya interchangeable knitting needles do have screws at the other end as well, but you get a rubber patch as well. In addition, you get quite a lot of extenders . I really love the concept of their needle extenders. You can easily turn a 5″ needle into a 6″ needle, etc. So, how cool is that? (these adapters are only part of the large sets and not the small sets, but can be bought separately). Their regular cable adaptors don’t have a hole for the pins, though – unlike the ChiaoGoo adapters. Cable stoppers: ChiaoGoo, Knitter’s Pride, addi

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Addi, on the other hand, has quite the big step, but it’s somewhat tapered, so it works remarkably well in action and never runs the risk of the yarn getting trapped in between the gap. Tight knitters WILL notice it, however, as they push stitches from the cable onto the needle. I’d definitely say the other three brands are better in that regard. It does have to be noticed, however, that Knitter’s Pride offers the overall smoothest transition between the main part of the needle and the cable. The other brands all have multiple sections where the needles get wider bit by bit. How tight is the join All four brands produce in stainless steel, though Knitter’s Pride needles are chrome plated (they also offer the mindful collection needles in pure stainless steel), and addi uses white bronze to galvanize their needles to perfection, with a thin copper layer in between. And HiyaHiya seems to produce the screws in bronze (?). As a result, Not only does this give you endless possibilities and working comfort, but also lets you reduce the clutter and unnecessary expenditure of buying multiple fixed circulars. The best part is, you can also use the needle tips for other projects and save your stitches in your WIP projects. Take the tips off and attach end caps to the cable and that’s all. Last, but not least, I want to talk about whether it is worth investing in an interchangeable needle set or not. Even if you take the cheapest option, it is still a lot of money. So, if you are still feeling unsure, you should consider starting with a smaller set or simply buying singles. One cable, one interchangeable needle, and try things out. If you like it, buy the whole set. As the singles are compatible, you really didn’t waste money. Still, here are a few things to consider: PROs Interchangeable needles work by screwing the end of the flexible cable into the needle tips, tightening with the cable key to ensure the cables don't come undone during knitting. Smooth joins enable stitches to slide easily from tip to cable.

The ChiaoGoo twist red lace cable is the only coated steel wire cable and the heaviest of the lot. It still only weighs a couple of grams, but as we are looking and minor differences between the different interchangeable knitting needle sets to begin with, I felt like mentioning this. On the plus side, this cable has zero memory effect and it basically never curls up. The only set available at the time of doing this test was a smaller lace set, which only came with 8 needles ( 2.75 mm to 5 mm), 4 cables, 2 connectors, 1 pin, 2 rubber patches, and quite a nice needle size card.Typically 13 needles from US 2 (2.75 mm) to US 15 (10mm), 6 cables (3 small, 3 large), 4 durable cable stoppers, 2 cable extenders, 2 cable keys, stitch markers, a needle gauge all wrapped in a sewn fabric bag with zippers, and a small compartment on the front for the accessories. Addi The contents of my addi mix 5″ set. Addi offers quality made in Germany, but you clearly pay for it. I do have to say, that the needles are quite a bit cheaper here in Germany (so it probably has to do with import tariffs). ChiaoGoo and HiyaHiya are basically the same prices, while Knitter’s Pride clearly is the most affordable option of them all. Bottom Line: Which interchangeable needle set is the best? Hi, Norman. Nice comparison article. I have only used the other brands of interchangeable needles for a few minutes at a fiber event, just to try them out (not counting a truly vintage Boye set I learned on), so I can’t speak to them, but I do have some remarks on the ChiaoGoo interchangeables. Records the default button state of the corresponding category & the status of CCPA. It works only in coordination with the primary cookie.

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